New Study Out About Where Baby Should Sleep

Parents, doctors, and pediatric experts have debated forever on the merits of various sleep strategies for their infants. Let them cry it out at a certain age? Always soothe them? Provide a plushy blanket or simply soft baby crib sheets? 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) solidly insists that babies up until age one sleep in the same room as their parents to facilitate easy nighttime feeding and observation of the child. Remember, the newborn period is the most high-risk period for tragedies like SIDs and suffocation, so AAP recommends newborns always being in easy reach while they sleep to keep a better eye on the state of the baby.

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5 Things To Bring To College To Make Your Dorm More Comfortable

Back to school season is here, but college is a whole different ballgame. Not only do you need to get your textbooks and school supplies, but you also need to prep your dorm for your arrival.

No one feels productive when they're studying in a room that resembles a closet more than it does a home. That said, here are a few things to bring with you to college to make your dorm as comfortable as possible this year.

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What to pack for your child's first year at college

Sending your child off to college for his or her freshman year can be stressful for both parent and child. You want him or her to get a good start in life with a good education, but you're afraid the house will feel rather empty without a teenager's energy. One way to help mitigate this anxiety is to help your new freshman assemble all of the gear he or she will need to enjoy that first year away.

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