Second Skin Membrane

Dermofresh® is the new generation of technical textiles, specially conceived for bedding products. This system is the perfect fit to the smoothest natural fiber with an unnoticeable innovative second skin membrane™.
Waterproofness & Breathability
The Dermofresh membrane is a polyurethane hydrophilic membrane, having solid structure that physically stops the water drops passing through the membrane.  THe hydrophilic membrane guarantees a higher longterm waterproofness in comparison with microporus membranes which are constructed from many small interconnecting pores. 

Regarding breathability, both membranes operate with a different mechanism: in the microporous membrane the water vapour molecules simply go through, whereas in the Dermofresh® membrane a “transportation” takes place.
This transportation occurs through the hydrophilic groups in the chemical structure of the membrane, that attract water vapour molecules as they are polar, moving these molecules from one group to the next (see fig.2), acting like an “elevator” that transports the molecules from one side to the other. 

The different characteristics of both membranes target different uses: whereas the microporous membrane is much more suitable for garments as renders higher breathability values, the Dermofresh® membrane is the best option for bedding protection articles as yields the most adequate waterproofness/breathability properties.